Welcome to Collective Lotus Healings


Welcome to a space of empowerment, a space to get in touch with the truest aspects of yourself. A sacred space, where together we work to connect with our intuition, internal power and wisdom.  A journey into that which is often unseen: our full human potentials.

Welcome to Collective Lotus Healings, I am Emma Goldman.

Here at Collective Lotus Healings we are about bringing together all realms of practices, modalities, cultures and experiences for our own personal healing. There are many ways to obtain a connection with ourselves and find a practice that is true to our heart.

I hope to work side by side with you, to help you find out how to best connect with your inherent potential. I am here to work with you to remember, to become whole again and to connect to your entire essence.

Why Collective Lotus?

The Lotus flower represents the cycle of life and death, because a lotus both seeds and blossoms simultaneously. This symbol of cause and effect reminds us to explore our own growth cycles. It is time to come together, to help one another become mindful, conscious and aware of the world we live in: this is the first step towards obtaining absolute happiness.In order to create change and better our environment and all sentient beings, we each need to foster internal happiness.

Along with the beautiful symbolism of the lotus flower, there is an importance in always remembering the collective: the connection that we have to one another, to all life, to this planet. Because of how interconnected all life is, by working on changing oneself and healing ones own personal wounds, we actually begin to change and heal the world. As we individually address the pains of our past conditions and rediscover our power, the entire collective heals.

I invite you to use this website as a resource for your own personal empowerment. Through booking a service, reading  the blog postings or joining for a ceremony, I hope that you’ll  step into your power, connect back to your source, and be guided by your own internal compass.

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About Emma

I believe in the importance of bridging the spiritual world with our internal compass, reclaiming our truth and power so that we all can feel the connection that we have to not only one another but to nature. Through the radiant alchemy of balancing body, mind and spirit, I hope to work with you to remember all that you are, to activate the dormant sacred that lives within each of us.


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