A Cosmic Turning

One of the most profound things a friends once said to me while hiking in heavy winds is that we can let the wind penetrate us and make us cold, or we can choose to notice it hit our skin and blow around us, but not within us. To me this is a metaphor for life that has really stuck. We have the choice to let external things come in and penetrate the depths of our beings. Or, we can chose to notice them coming towards our energetic fields and expand that field in a womb of protection, letting the energy move around us. Lately, I have been using this practice of meditating on a womb of protection to limit the amount that I am swayed by external forces, which are very strong right now.

Currently we are amidst a cycle of eclipses, which can be seen as a reset button or a giant rebirth. On August 7th we had a partial moon eclipse aligning with the full moon of Aquarius and on August 21st we have the total solar eclipse in conjunction with the new moon. During both of these astrological events the sun, moon and earth will be in alignment. The energies created are strong, pulling us in multiple directions.

Along with this we seem to be in the depths of a whole system turning. We are deep within a cocoon, alchemizing just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. In this time of re-gestation we may begin to notice that mythic stories and archetypes are reemerging in present forms. This emergence of ancient stories as well as a rising of consciousness, is the markings of an energetic shift. We are seeing before us cycles that have been played out time and time again, only this time the tides are turning and something new is being reborn.

As all this energy surrounds us, we now have the choice. The choice to be the entrepreneurs of our own psyches, the archaeologists of our minds and the creators of our dreams. The choice to be swayed by the whirlwind of the external world or the choice to create a field of protection so that we have sacred space for personal transformation that we can then reflect to the consciousness of the world. When we take full responsibility in our lives, we have the choice of what is in front of us. If we deny our ability to chose then we are not able to bring transformation in our lives and the world around us.

Now with utmost importance it is the time to do our sacred work that helps us protect ourselves. Let’s make sure to take time to set boundaries both physically and energetically so that we create our own protective wombs for self transformation. Welcome in an objective and balanced look at our relationships, emotions, careers and surroundings. When we align with the astrological energy we are able to fully shed our old stories and step into and create a new ever evolving world. Explore practices, read inspiring texts, connect with community and take action in your lives, so that together we can sculpt a new reality.

It’s not what we do that changes the world, but who we become.