How Will You Choose to Walk

How Will You Choose to Walk?

As Passover started last night tonight-–a time when Jews gather to remember the struggle and rebirth of the Jewish people––I have been in deep thought to its relations to our current society.  The mystic teachings in Kabbalah have made me think about Moses and this time in the Jewish people’s history in a new perspective. While the story of passover is about enslavement, exodus and emergence, it is also a story of time where a new consciousness of humankind arose.

One individual, who found his source of connection by returning to nature, sparked a whole nation that had been deep in the darkness of suffering with light. He connected with something greater than himself and showed the world around him that we too can all connect. And with this union of the collective energy to merge with their origin, a journey began. Moses stood as a guide, as an initiator, a wisdom keeper for the Jewish people to begin their journey towards consciousness; an awareness of their oneness with god and the oneness of all things.

Today, many spiritual leaders are calling this time yet another awakening and arising of a new human consciousness; a time for a new journey to begin, a new path to be walked through the deserts of our lives and this planet. We can see that just as during the times with Moses, when the Hebrews were under the tyranny and darkness of Pharaoh, a similar mirror is being reflected to us now around the world. Only this time it is not one religious group that is suffering, there are many people struggling around the world in different ways. We have evolved into a nation of human beings, a mixing bowl of practices and ideologies that explain our consciousness in many ways but often contain one truth.

It is a time once again to dive deep within the dazzling darkness and find our gifts, find our way to transform our earthy desires into a new source; an energy that is still unknown but is right in front of us. It is time to rise up, to look within our internal mirrors and to find what sparks us so that we can begin this new journey, not only for ourselves but also for all of humanity and for all that connects us as we live in this symbiotic world. As each individual awakens to their truth, the divine golden light that is us all arises to the cosmos or the sacred womb where a new birth is waiting to manifest. The sea is beginning to split before us and it is our time to walk across the desert once again into our becoming. The question is, how will you choose to walk?