Committing to Ourselves

Each morning I wake up and dive into some sort of meditation practice. It has become a routine. It is an affirmation for my life to show up as my best possible self for the day. It is a tuning that supports me in tapping into my energetic body and wisdom. It is my source of centering.

Daily Practices provides us with an opportunity to connect our mind, body, sprit and emotions. They allow us the opportunity to choose to show up for ourselves. It gives us the option to say yes to our purpose every day, even when we don’t know our specific purpose. It is a call to show up for our common purpose of being the fullest version of who we are. It is a commitment to being ourselves. It is a choice.

What if we choose to show up and be our best selves? This opens up room for growth, transformation and empowerment, which we can then reflect to the world.  If we harness in on our universal purpose of revealing our fullest potentials, our journey and path will lead us where we need to go for our own individual purpose in this lifetime.

A daily practice can be an affirmation to show up. It can be a commitment to embody light, self-love, communication and connection to Patchamama. It is setting the intention to be our fullest potential selves to serve humanity and the earth. When we say these intentions and then bring them into a practice, it is an act towards knowing who we are and what we stand for in this lifetime. The practice is fueling our internal dialogues with ourselves to then awaken our minds, bodies and souls and align with everything in our energetic fields.

A daily practice does not need to be something fancy. It is setting time in your day to simple be with yourselves. It can come in many forms such as dance, chanting, breath-work, guided meditation, sitting.