Shamanic Energy Healing  

Through my studies with Healing the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society as well as extensive traveling, learning, and living alongside Shamans, I have been initiated into the Quero Shamanic traditions of the High Andes. Utilizing my training as a shamanic practitioner, I will work with you to clear heavy energies and restore yourself balance.  

My role is to assist you in finding harmony: emotional, spiritual, and physical. Within yourself, and throughout your environment.

Shamanic energy healing looks at the integrative relationships between health, thoughts, emotions and the way that energy is moving within the energetic body. A Shaman’s role is to help patients transcend dis-ease within their lives.

Shamans believe that we each have a unique luminous energy field that contains all the information that informs our lives. This luminous field can be seen as a software that runs the connection between our mind and body. Any blockages, energies, karmic lines or traumatic life experiences held in our luminous fields can manifest as heavy feelings, emotions or even physical illness.  Therefore, shamans work on the energetic level to remove imprints in the luminous field, allowing you to heal from the inside out. Through an illumination process, your luminous field will be cleared and heavy energies will be transformed into light.

Shamanic healing tools used may include Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Death Rites, Rites of Passage, Protections, Ancestral Work, Ceremony and Ritual, and Intuitive Guidance

What does a session look like? 
Each session is different according your individual needs. In general, the session begins with a dialogue about how your life is today. We focus on what your soul is longing for and potential blocks that may be in the way. These can be emotional issues, physical strains, stress, feelings of heaviness in the body, lessing of life force, repeating themes in your life and anything you feel that no longer serves you. After this spirit takes the reins, weaving a dance between spiritual guidance, shamanic journey, ritual, energy healing and body-centered wisdom. Working with my mesa (energy stones) we will begin to clear your energy field and work on the arising blockages. This time in sacred space gently unpacks energy blocks, reveals cord mechanisms and increases your capacity for awareness, insight, acceptance, and new perspective. We discuss the learnings of this experience in the context of regular life and any ‘homework’ that would support the full integration of these changes.

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