Breath Awareness

As we begin meditation practices, we often start by learning to focus our attention. We may focus it on areas of the body, breath, senses or whatever works the best for us. In starting my own practice I found that bringing awareness to the breath was extremely helpful in learning how to focus my attention. 

This breath awareness meditation utilizes the practice of the counting of breath to help us foster a sense of attention within. Practice tuning into the awareness of your breath by expanding the inhale/exhale ratios, allows for Prana (life force) to fill the body.

Be open to where you mind takes you, knowing that if it does wander just simply note the wandering and bring it back to the counting of the breath. For it is actually this act of noticing that the mind has wandered and bringing it back to a focus that is in itself mindful awareness. Be kind with yourself and remember that this is a practice and with time comes growth.