Body Scan Meditation

When first starting a daily practice, it is hard to have the discipline to set aside time, let alone really know what to do to begin a mindfulness practice. In my experience at the beginning of my mindfulness practice I found it helpful to use different guided meditation videos to learn breathing and meditation techniques. 

An excellent beginner meditation is a full Body Scan.

The Body Scan increases our ability to be mindful with sensations in our bodies and helps us establish awareness to our inner beings. By beginning to bring focused attention to sensations in our bodies we can begin to tap into an understanding of where emotions, feelings and energies lay within our body systems. 

It’s understandable when trying meditation for the first time for it to be difficult. However, only when we challenge ourselves do we discover new truths within our lives. This meditation is a great starting point and can give you guidelines to begin exploring your own meditation practices.

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