Ceremonies & Workshops 

Ceremonies and rituals engage our souls, bringing us into deeper contact with our divine spirits. Ceremonies and rituals have been utilized for centuries, by many different peoples and cultures, to pay tribute to important life events, reminding us of our connection and alignment with source and nature.

I host monthly Full & New Moon ceremonies as a time to join together as community brining healing in our lives and alignment with our internal compass through  meditation, dialogue and ritual. 

Available Workshops:

  • An Experiential Journey Within: Embodying Our Truth

  • Introductory to Shamanism: Connecting with the Medicine Wheel

  • Ecstasy of the Elements: Embodying Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Space

  • Welcoming the Ancestors: Connecting with Our Lineage

  • Mindfulness Experiential Workshop: Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Sense Activation: Embracing the Five Senses

**Explore below for more details on each workshop

Introductory to Shamanism  

Connecting with the medicine wheel

A day immersion into the teachings of the Q'ero Shamans from the high Andes in South America. Following the four directional medicine wheel, we will dive into exercises, meditations and dialogues around the symbolize of each direction and their archetypal animals. 

Join and we will explore the wisdom of:

  • The South (The Serpant)

    • Recognizing we are not our past and can release our past like a serpent sheds its skin, all at once

    • Clearing the energtic and karmic imprints that fog our energy fields

  • The West (The Jaguar)

    • Embracing our courage to look into our shadow selves

    • Releasing & honoring the energy of our ancestors

  • The North (The Hummingbird)

    • Harnessing the wisdom teachings

    • Beginning to plant seeds of our becomings

  • The East ( The Eagle/Condor)

    • Dreaming our world into being with eyes wide open

    • Entering into timelessness

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Wisdom of the Elements

Embodying earth, air, fire, water & space

In this one day immersion we will dance, meditate, connect, embrace and feel the elements that make up our world. Find out how earth, wind, fire, water, air and space bring nourishment, pleasure and wisdom into your life. By working with the elements we can begin to harness a direct connection to our environment.  In this workshop we will assemble a toolbox of gateways to connect with each individual element, evolving our internal union with mother earth.

The workshop includes:

  • Meditation

  • Dance

  • Dialogue

  • Self Inquiry

  • Ritual & Ceremony

  • A Sacred Memento

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An Experiential Journey Within 

Embodying our truth

In this workshop we will experientially explore our internal intuition and wisdom. Through movement, meditation, breath-work and ritual we will gather as a community to nourish, recharge and connect within. 

Memory is held in our cells, which we harness through direct experience and practice. Through embodiment practices we are often able to tap into unknown wisdom that is held in our bodies:  by doing we embody. In this workshop we will embark on a journey into many different kinds of experiential practices to each discover our own gateways into our sources of inherent wisdom. 

In this Workshop we will:

  • Journey into Shamanic Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Dance, Meditate, Write, Breathe & Create

  • Feel true heart connections with eachother

  • Heal our body with movement

  • Learn meditations and practices to tap into your inherent wisdom

  • Embrace our natural gifts

Please contact me to discuss bringing this workshop to your studio or space

Mindfulness Experiential Workshop

Bringing Mindfulness and Intention into your Workplace

Mindfulness practices help us develop compassionate and nonjudgmental moment-to-moment awareness of our own experiences, which can bring mental clarity, emotional ease and stress reduction into our lives. Through creating collective and safe community environments, my focus is on teaching others to use mindfulness-based techniques to reduce stress and cultivate personal growth.

The Mindfulness Experiential Workshop, which is geared towards larger audiences and bringing wellness ideologies into your workplace, offers a well-rounded approach to developing mindfulness in daily life, to begin sourcing from internal wisdom and intent as opposed to stress and anxiety. We will work to identify where there is tension within the work-life balance and explore how best to manage it. By utilizing skills to connect to our internal wisdom, our professional lives can begin to feel more fulfilling and in flow. Through practicing strategies to improve self-awareness, we are able to cultivate an authentic workplace environment where we not only work more cohesively with colleagues and clients, but we enrich our own daily experiences.

In this Workshop, we will assemble a toolbox of mindfulness skills and practices, which can bring consciousness to your everyday life. The benefits of mindfulness will last long after the event as not only will clients be engaged in experimental activities during the event, but attendees will be sent home with actionable tools and links to guided meditations.

2-hour Mindfulness Experiential Workshops include:

  • Intention Setting

  • Mindfulness 101

  • Experiential Mindfulness Activities

  • Meditation for Stress Management

  • The Relaxation Toolkit

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Sense Activation

 Embracing the Five Senses

In this workshop we will activate and harness each of our senses, utilizing them as doorways into our internal domains of knowing.  Through working with our senses of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing we will explore our connection with our eneviroment in new ways. 

More information and dates to be announced soon... 

Please contact me to discuss bringing this workshop to your studio or space