Experiential Journeying 

Experiential Journeying is an Embodiment Practice

We connect with our truth through the wisdom held in our bodies and movements

Experiential Journeying is a blend of shamanic journeying, guided imagery and mindful movement. Using sound and music for inspiration, we play out our mystic journeys and uncover wisdom, courage and compassion for our past, present and future sufferings. Experiential Journeying also unlocks karmic stories, opening us up to receive guidance from our ancestors and providing the space to deeply check-in with our bodies in the present moment. 

Experiential Journeying is an exploration of various doorways into our own inner wisdom.  Memory is held in our cells. Through embodiment practices we are able to tap into our unknown cellular wisdom and begin embodying our true being. Through movement, meditation, breath-work and shamanic journeying, I will guide you on a unique experiential journey to discover your own ways of unlocking personal gateways to unleash the sources of your inherent wisdom.