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Integrating Our Inner Self and Our Outer World: A New Moon Ceremony (DENVER)

This moon ceremony will integrate the concept of interconnectedness in a new way. Just as we cannot choose to only inhale, or only step with our right foot, we cannot ignore the true relationship between our inner self and our world, the greater body of Earth and one another.

Although we may not be directly experiencing the wildfires, or the unimaginable genocides, or the other myriad of horrifying events unfolding before our very eyes--these things ARE happening to us. Both science and spirituality are coming into alignment to show us that we are all connected, when you pull on one string of the web, the entire web shifts it shape.  This is an overwhelming and exciting time to be alive.  

Along in this journey, Molly Leebove with be co-hosting the event with me. Molly is a farmer, death doula and facilitator of Joanna Macy’s the Work That Reconnects. Molly will be bringing a body of work that tells the story of our current paradigm and the impacts that has on our inner world.

We will embark on an experiential journey of reconnecting to our own gratitude, sorrow and the true empowerment of incarnating in these times. It is said these next 10 years are more important for our planet’s survival than the last 10,000, it is time we unabashedly show up as our fullest selves, in our inner and outer worlds, to embody our unique gifts that only we have to share in the world. This is our soul activism.  This is the work.

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Later Event: December 3
Private Full Moon Event (LA)