Throughout my childhood, I was exposed to spiritual practices and ideologies through my beautiful mother. Even at a young age, I was aware that these tools would someday be useful. After University, I realized I could become a student of the world. At this time I began re-examining everything I ever knew and diving into different philosophies, which launched my own spiritual evolution. Through these studies I was determined to find skills to heal myself from deep anxiety, OCD, and a racing mind that I had experienced throughout my life. I began reading various spiritual texts around shamanism and buddhism and a strong remembrance entered my soul: a knowing that I had held all this knowledge before. Now it was time to re-remember my own essential nature: the essence of life itself.

During that time, I began developing a strong daily buddhist chanting practice, based off of the Lotus Sutra, that to this day serves as my foundation to polish my internal mirror and set daily intentions. This awakening - and my daily practice - ignited a passionate fire within me.

My passion to gain wisdom from nature, culture, and experiences guided me to study with masters throughout the world. I traveled from South America to Indonesia, from Africa to India and across the US. Through my journeys, I have been able to dive deep into my internal essence: to face many of my own shadows and to energetically die and be reborn many times. Stepping fully into the unknown realms of new experiences I began to see myself as a student of life.  My explorer mentality and my willingness to learn and absorb traditions and cultures from around the world helps me to develop my own unique and comprehensive intuition, and thus help others.

Through my heart's guidance I found a deep sense of home and knowing in shamanic practices and rituals. For many years I have been a dedicated disciple of the Q’ero Shaman traditions in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Through living and studying with these shamans, I have participated in many ceremonies and healings that taught me how to look at my energetic field and to release and transform layers of my own trauma and anxieties. The release and honoring of these shadows alongside my own personal healing has helped guide me to tap into my highest potential self, as well as into the wisdom of my soul’s mission: to empower others to reconnect with their eternal essence. 

These explorations created a greater understanding of the practice of mindfulness. From meditation to chanting, I have cultivated a beginner's mind, striving to see every moment from a new lens. These tools woven together have had the greatest impact in helping ease anxiety, unhealthy practices and creating a more peaceful soul.

Dance is another element that helps me achieve this mindfulness through embodiment. Qoya and ecstatic dances are wonderful movement practices that helped me reconnect to wisdom, freedom and my true being. Dance as meditation has assisted me in energetically transform emotions through bodily movement and then release those energies into the surrounding environment. Dancing and mindfulness techniques all serve to bring me into the present moment and to further connect me with my soul's path.

The wisdom I have learned  through these travels, has given my a large tool box in which to help others. I have  a strong internal passion to work with people on their own healing journeys, working to make mindfulness, consciousness and awareness more available and accessible to all that have the desire to journey inward. Just as I have experienced a conscious evolution through self inquiry, I hope to work with you to bring about empowerment and self connection in your own unique way.

I believe in the importance of bridging the spiritual world with our internal compass, reclaiming our truth and power so that we all can feel the connection that we have to not only one another but to nature. Through the radiant alchemy of balancing body, mind and spirit, I hope to work with you to remember all that you are, to activate the dormant sacred that lives within each of us.

As I find my inner peace when surrounded by mountains, ocean or any of nature’s innate beauty, you can currently find me splitting my time between Colorado and Los Angeles. However, I am available to travel to  to various cities around the country offering moon and other ceremonies, private healings, and guided meditations. I am also available for remote sessions through Skype.

These gifts I have acquired are meant to be shared.



  • Doctoral Degree in Psychology, Meridian University, CA (In Progress)

  • Masters of Social Work with a concentration in Health and Wellness, Denver University, CO

  • Bachelors in Psychology, University or Colorado, CO

  • Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado

  • Adjunct Faculty at the Denver University Graduate School of Social Work

  • Four Winds Society -- Luminous Healing & Shamanic Energy Medicine School (Currently an Assistant Teacher)

  • Qoya Teacher

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Training, Omega Institute, NY

  • Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training (In Progress)